Premier League Golden Boot: The race to be the top scorer is heating up

The Premier League is just over a half of the way through this season of 2017-18, and the race to win the Premier League top scorer and to win the Golden Boot is now really heating up. There are seasons where one or two players dominated the entire goal scoring scenario of the Premier League, but this year it’s a complete different story where atleast 8-9 star footballers are now fighting to get the title. Tottenham’s Harry Kane achieved the Premier League Golden Boot in the past two seasons and this year too he is leading the race to be the top scorer of the Season.

Premier League Golden Boot: The race to be the top scorer is heating up

Premier League Golden Boot 2018

Premier League Golden Boot Race

Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah is now taking the league by storm and joins the top scoring spot with Kane. Besides these two, Raheem Sterling and Sergio Aguero have also entered the race to achieve the Golden Boot. The Egyptian international Mohamed Salah became the fan’s favourite since he joined Liverpool in the last summer after his £37.5million signing with the club. With having 15 goals in 19 Premier League matches till now, Salah is now expected to continue his goal scoring momentum till the end of the season. Spur’s Harry Kane also scored 15 goals till now and will also try his best to get the title three times in a row. He fall just one short of entering the ‘club 30’ last season but this year he will definitely put an extra effort to reach it.

Argentinian international Sergio Aguero won the Golden Boot award last time in 2014-15 season of Premier League while scoring 26 goals. He is again on the race this season but Pep Guardiola’s constant switching between him and Gabriel Jesus could hamper his chance to be the top scorer of EPL 2017-18. Raheem Sterling is one of the surprising names in the contender list but this 23-year-old has already surpassed his all-time scoring figure in a single season and is now expected to carry it forward.